Andare is a fictional luxury airline service. Catering to first class traveling business professionals, Andare offers exclusive lounges in ten international locations, as well as aircrafts with first class service and amenities. Through each of Andare’s touchpoints, we seek to provide an unprecedented luxury experience. This project was a comprehensive branding program, encompassing logo design, stationery, advertising, and web design.

Andare branding business cardsAndare branding envelope

Above: Business cards showcasing Andare's logo and signature pattern.

Left: Envelope design, incorporating an angle that complements the logo and suggests movement.

Below: Letterhead, business card, and responsive web design.

Andare branding stationeryAndare branding brand guidelinesAndare branding magazineAndare branding livery

Above, left: Brand guidelines detailing correct use of the logo, colors, and typography.

Above, right: In-flight magazine.

Right: Airplane livery.

Andare branding responsive web designAndare branding web page

Above: Responsive web design, with the home page shown on a desktop computer and a photo gallery page shown on a tablet.

Left: Web page featuring customer's membership profiles and preferences.

Andare branding appAndare branding advertising

Above: App design

Left: Mockup for ads used in airports.


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