Flip Side is an all-day breakfast cafe based on the style of the 70’s.  This sit-down casual restaurant is full of cool energy with its warm colors and distinctive bold pattern. Flip Side is targeted towards adults who grew up in the 70’s as well as younger people who embrace retro style.

Flip Side BrandingFlip Side Branding Stationery

Above: To-go bag, letterhead, business cards, and menu design.

Left: Business cards and letterhead

Below: Letterhead. As the letterhead is unfolded from a tri-fold, the words "Flip Side" appear.

Flip Side Branding LetterheadFlip Side Branding MenuFlip Side BrandingFlip Side Branding BagFlip Side Branding Advertisement

Above, left: Menu, plate, cup, and coaster. The plate is designed to be a tool for the customer to place their order - they simply mark the menu items they want, giving them a completely customizable breakfast.

Above, right: Bag and to-go boxes for bakery items.

Right: Magazine advertisement tying in the culture of the 70's.

Below: Unconventional advertising on street sidewalks.

Flip Side Branding AdvertisementCONTACT US TO KICKSTART YOUR BRAND


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