The Barnabas Center is an outreach ministry of Park Avenue Church of Christ. Through this downtown location, they distribute food and clothing to people in need in the area surrounding Denison, TX.

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Here's a glimpse into my process for developing a logo. First comes a mind map (left), where I use word association to write down ideas related to the brand. Then comes sketching, where I do by best to give those ideas visual expression!

Above, you can see the results of these sketches: four logos, which were then given to the client to evaluate.

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Above: Detail of the chosen logo. This logo combines two hands, which form a cross as they intersect. The logo symbolises the sacrificial love of Christ that is shown when people work together to help one another.

Right: Business cards for the center, using graphic elements from the logo, such as the overlapping colors, the fonts, and the cross.

Below: A simple branding guide for the center.

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