Graphic Design Intern

We are looking for a talented individual who is passionate about graphic design to join our team at Anugraha Design. We are committed to elevating and empowering our clients through thoughtful and beautiful design. If you share this commitment and are looking for a chance to develop your creative skills, this position is for you!

This internship will consist of a 6-week unpaid training period, in which you will receive valuable training abut the design process, creative skills, and graphic design software. After that, your performance will be reviewed and a salaried position may be offered. Our working days are Monday-Friday. Anugraha Design is located in Niva Gully, Chipledungha, Pokhara.

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To apply, e-mail your CV to Please submit your CV in English. If applicable, please attach any examples of your designs, drawings, artwork, photography, or anything that demonstrates your design sense. Applications should be submitted by Friday, August 23.